Why fitGear?

fitGear is SIMPLE. COMPLETE. SMART for your fitness, athletic, rehab or other active facility needs. Design is at our forefront in describing fitGear solutions. Products that offer solutions to everyday needs in facilities providing fitness services. Smart “flat pack” design, provides the customer with affordable products that are DIY friendly and work well with any interior design element. We don’t sell solutions at a premium, we sell premium solutions.

DIY Do It Yourself

fitGear is designed for the DIY in everybody. Simple design with solid engineering make what used to be a lot trouble and effort, something of the past. Our products typically have 5 different component types or less, which is what makes assembly and installation so easy. Easy assembly and installation directions are supported with simplistic drawings and few words, makes it a “snap”. Following a simple rule of fewer component types and flat-pack design, give us leverage to produce and deliver high quality at an affordable price. It’s simply practical.