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Custom logos for rubber and vinyl flooring are some of the most challenging requests that architectural and design firms experience today. At fitGear Solutions, we deliver the highest quality logos and athletic/fitness graphics that adhere to rubber, wood, and vinyl in the most challenging of environments.

Our logos and athletic/fitness floor graphics are used for several applications. Many of our custom engineered logos are used with weightlifting platforms logo or mascot installations. Large ID & brand logos, supportive branding within facilities, and traffic control floor graphics are installed in several locations. Athletic and fitness floor graphics are used to define spaces, delineate areas and provide support for fitness or athletic instruction. The use of our solutions is endless, if you have an idea for the application, we can most likely help you get there.

We are a provider that is trusted by the industry's top brands in strength and fitness equipment manufacturing, sports performance flooring, and providers of both athletic performance training and fitness.



Our engineered graphic solution is patented. We have the only known material that will adhere to rubber and stay. Our solutions have been down on platforms and rubber flooring for over 6 years now. We have provided logos for several D1 schools, professional sports teams and thousands of logos for high schools, commercial fitness facilities and others. Our logo solutions are comprised of 3 parts, a special adhesive that allows it to adhere to rubber, a super base that provides a vibrant background for our customer's artwork to look its best, and a protective coating that is Rhino Tough to ensure the logos remain looking amazing and are protected from the day-to-day use as well as UV damage. The cost factors are big, they tend to be 25% to 50% of the average cost for "water jet" logos depending on size and complexity.


A proprietary blend of polycarbonate, vinyl and special adhesives to create an extremely durable combination of both bonding and wearability, which positions our products outside of normal/traditional graphic material. Total product thickness - 9-mil. Product exceeds industry standards for slip resistance, when tested according to ASTM D2047. With a UV protectant to guard against color loss with sunlight exposure.

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