Health Club Design

Today health club design may drive memberships into the club and studios, or it may detour them from joining and participating. Social distancing is not a temporary solution, health club design, as well as studios and boutique fitness, must consider this in design, layout, and building facilities of the future.

The demands for health club design have shifted since the beginning of 2020. We all know this has been nothing short of a challenging year for all industries, especially the health and fitness industry. In a recent interview, it was said best by Chris Clawson; CEO of Life Fitness, that no other industry was as well prepared for the Pandemic as the fitness industry. What other industry has conditioned and trained its customers to wipe down equipment before and after they use it? You never see people wipe an item down after picking it up off of the shelf to look at it in a store. No one wipes down their own barber chair or seat in the dentist's office waiting room. Yet, most if not all health clubs, fitness studios, YMCAs, and those alike were shut down for a great deal of the beginning months of the Pandemic.

Quickly, owners and operators have moved to adjust the layouts and organization of their facilities to meet the protocols that were changing daily. It was and has been six feet apart, recommending sneeze shields made of plexiglass, plastic, wood, or whatever protective shield could be made. Businesses pivoted into manufacturers or providers of these products almost overnight. Soon on social media, you began to see health clubs and fitness studios sharing images of treadmills with plastic or plexiglass barriers between the equipment, either hanging from cables attached to the ceiling or standing from a stand or brackets placed on the floor. Enginuity and creativity were operating at their peak to get our country's health and fitness providers back online and providing the much-needed benefits that they provide to their members.

So, today when we discuss health club design, it means something a great deal different than it did last year at this time. Health club designers and firms have raised the importance of experience, imagination, and even storytelling. Those are great ideas and certainly worth holding on to in the design process, but that is not where you must begin if you plan to build, upgrade or restore a health club, fitness studio, boutique, or not.


Safety rules the "roost" so to say in today's design efforts within just about every commercial industry. Keeping both customers and employees safe is paramount in the world we now live in. Social distancing is critical and how we achieve it with the space we are tied to make the work of design challenging. For most, space comes at a premium. The safety protocols call for distancing, which makes it hard to manage in most of the current health club and fitness studio environments. There are several operators that have taken their fitness offerings outdoors, which certainly increases the options for distancing.

Utility plays an important role in today's health club design or fitness studio design practice. Traffic flow within the club has always been important, but never as important as it is now. Even the basics of ingress and egress must be considered with what we know now with infectious diseases and how it has shaped our world.

Comfort is extremely important in the world of design for health club design and fitness studio design. Comfort in both physicality and spacially is important. Members that feel comfortable in the fact that every precaution has been taken to protect themselves and others are more likely to return to the facility. This constitutes a case for retention. We all know that members that do not use the club or studio, don't stay with the club or studio.

Advantages of Concept Design

  1. With Concept Design You Are Able To See Ur product Before Investing Capital
  2.   With Concept Design you are able to see the Feasibility of Information Handling Before making Final Decisions.
  3. Able to make adjustments or improvements before production or presentation
  4. With Concept Design You can Peach A Product and Convince Easly
  5. With Concept Design  You Can Calculate Budget and Expenses Before Production
  6. With Concept Design  You Are Able to Visualise and make decisions Easier
  7. With Concept Design, it makes presenting easy For slow catchup officials by providing Physical visual Concepts in the form of 3d designs, 3d Virtual Concept Designs Simulated.
  • Advertising : Property development agencies must have extensive advertising before, during, and after the build process.
  • Ongoing Marketing : Putting together Architectural animation or virtual 3D floor plan design allow property development companies to have ongoing marketing schemes without having to leave their offices.
  • Securing Permits and Local Body Approvals : Depending on where you wish to develop the property, there might be a requirement to present your projectplans with the local council for permits.
  • Better Communication : While discussing blueprints might be easy within a team of technocrats, making others understand it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. 3D renders, on the other hand, are easy to understand for everyone.
  • Reduce Development Costs : Mistakes can cost effective in during the design phase, and you would want to identify them before you start building. Architectural rendering allow the stakeholders to identify and rectify mistakes quicker, thus reducing the construction costs of stalling or going over the deadline.
  • Setup
    Provide the needed information in client area. Upload drawings, floor plans, furniture requirements,  mood boards and any other information you may have on your project.
  • Checking up
    We review the uploaded content and ask for more details if necessary. It allows us to avoid mistakes and shortens the turnaround time for the 3D renderings.
  • Performance
    We will work together to best understand the details of your project and what the expect outcome to be. As a result of our extensive experience in optimizing workfow, we we will be able to complete your project on time and to your satisfaction.
  • Reviewing
    After completing the initial 3D rendering, you will be able to review and provide feedback on any needed revisions.
  • Acceptance
    You will provide your approval digitally.
  • Final 3D Rendering
    We will provide the final 3D rendering(s) in the format required, to include all treatments and revisions.


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