Fitness Floor Graphics


Architect and Design firms have been delighted to learn about the options they now have with fitGear Solutions patented engineered floor graphics. Specifically designed to adhere to rubber sports flooring, sheet vinyl and wood floors, our custom graphic solutions will bring life to your floors.

Color, design, and artistic elements are all possible with our custom-engineered floor graphics and logo solutions. In the past, designers were limited with few colors and design options when it came to applying design to rubber flooring. Water jet applications are limiting, allowing limited colors and finite details in design. That is no longer the case with fitGear Solutions custom engineered floor graphics and logos.

Space Delineation
Floor space is valuable real estate within any facility, be it commercial fitness, recreation, athletic, or any other active space. Marking the areas, directing traffic, or simply designating a safe zone for members or users can be very positive and powerful. Users of fitness facilities, especially new users

Fitness floor graphics are the smart choice for facility operators looking to get more out of their space. We are the best at floor graphic design, production, and installation of fitness floor graphics. It is easy to define your space, and give your athletes and members direction with our custom floor graphics.

The process of design selection, ordering, and installation is simple. Our team will help you every step of the way to get exactly what you want and need for your facility.

Think of your fitness floor as a parking lot without stripes. Where do your users park themselves? Where do they pause in your facility to exercise or train? If you had "parking spots" on your floor, with direction, and guided exercise, you would have more order, more use of your space, and happier athletes or members.

Project Management
We have worked with some of the most complex projects and we have the knowledge to provide you with a painless experience of adding design and direction to your sports flooring. Including design, production, and the final installation needs will be managed by our experienced project managers.
Design Focus
Our focus is to design with purpose. From the beginning, our team listens to your project needs, develops a clear understanding of what your outcome must be, and uses our expert design elements to produce the best solution.
Production Knowledge
Every graphics kit and logo is custom-made, to fit your application. Our team is heavily experienced in design and project management, and they will guide you through each one of your projects with the best solution.
Professional Installers
Almost as important as the actual graphics kit, the installation is a critical part of the overall job. We have partnered with several professional installation teams across the country to deliver the ultimate in customer service and detail orientated installations.

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