Impact 40 is a non-rubber infilled turf designed with the highest quality of yarn available to create a padded system that can stand up to cleats, sleds, tires, and intense foot traffic and is available in a variety of indoor turf colors. The blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost perfect 50/50 combination which creates a true ball performance of a traditional nylon field, with the softness of the new generation rubber-filled turf. Our non-rubber infill makes maintenance easier and up to 10% cooler. Impact 40 is delivered installed with a 5/16″ sports foam backing for added safety, and sports a 3/4″ turf blade height, and is available in 12′ and 15′ wide rolls. With four standard indoor turf colors, you are sure to make an impact in your space with Impact 40 indoor turf.

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