Partners with American Platforms & Flooring for expert flooring installation and service. Relying on years of installation experience and multi-surface installation capabilities make this a smart choice. Franchisees get preferred service and pricing with our partnership.


Performance Flooring Installation

Only the right mix of reliable, professional partners can guarantee the success of your facility completion date. American Platforms & Flooring strives to be where you need us, when you need us. We specialize in multi-location accounts, and have the project-management expertise to handle national accounts with one, ten or hundreds of locations. We’re proud to cover all of the United States for installation.

We leverage our experience and expertise to educate our clients on all your project’s phases – from purchasing to installation and after care. American Platforms & Flooring is a dependable partner with extensive knowledge in logistics and purchasing. We’re ready and able to bring the same level of perfection and professionalism to one location or several of your commercial flooring projects.

  • Experienced Consulting

    Finding the right products. Making the right decisions. Our real-world experience promotes success from concept to completion.

  • Expert Installation

    Making every schedule work is our greatest source of pride. We go the extra mile to complete your project perfectly.

  • Quoting

    From material quantities to price quotes, our advanced estimating covers all aspects of flooring, minimizing costs and waste.

  • Project Managing

    We’re experts in project management, with a perfect track record in completing commercial flooring projects on time and on budget.

  • Logistics

    We gladly control and coordinate all shipments and deliveries – to get the right product to the right place at the right time.

  • Warranty

    We promise to uphold the highest standards on both material and workmanship, including a two-year limited warranty on every installation.

Rolled Rubber Installation

American Platforms & Flooring has expert installation teams qualified to install all types of performance flooring. Performance Rally flooring is the choice for HIIT Training with Redline Athletics.


  • 14.5mm - 9/16"
  • Force Reduction
  • Game Line Painting
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    Performance Rolled Vinyl Flooring

    Performance Rolled Vinyl Flooring is a smart choice for indoor basketball, volleyball and any other indoor smooth surface needs. Redline Athletic chooses Bounce 2 Rolled Vinyl Floor  by Ecore Athletic. Bounce 2 is produced with a patent process, that enables Ecore to fuse a 5mm rubber backing on a tough wear layer of 2mm. This fused backing gives our product a performance base that cannot be matched.


    • 7mm - 9/32
    • Hygienic
    • Game Line Painting
    • Low Maintenance
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      You will enjoy a long lasting and unmatched performance with our LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile installation. We use some of the industry's best products to meet your needs. Our master installers will prepare the substrate so that you get the best outcome and long lasting wear from your flooring choice.


      • Extreme Durability
      • Water Resistant
      • Easy Cleanup
      • Slip Resistant Surface
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      Turf provides the perfect surface and atmosphere for sports training. Athletes of all skill levels identify with turf as the surface of choice for most. Our installers have installed thousands of feet of performance indoor turf. We will provide you with the best installation services available.


      • Non Abrasive
      • Low Maintenance
      • Multi Use
      • Shock Absorbing


      Commercial flooring installations are different. It takes experience to manage the multiple challenges that one faces with commercial flooring installations. Experience that will keep your project on track. 

      There are more scheduling challenges with commercial flooring installations, other trades, material delivery date that move, and project parameters change as well. This requires more coordination with other contractors and subcontractors. Additional decision makers or stakeholders raise challenges as well. You want a company that has been there, done that, and we have.

      Commercial Flooring Installation Quote

      Adequate Information
      The steps to getting an accurate commercial flooring installation quote are fairly basic. Providing as much detail and information in the beginning will assure that you will be getting a quote that is accurate and on time. One of the worst things you can do is drip-feed information for quoting purposes. This will cause additional work, more steps and delay your quote from being completed.

      It is important that when you request a flooring installation quote, that you provide the same or equal information to all of the companies participating in the quote process so that you have accurate and fair comparisons.

      Floor Preparation or Prep
      Having as much of the substrate prepared for your flooring installation prior to the flooring installation team arriving, will save you both time and money in the end. All commercial flooring companies expect to perform floor prep prior to installing a commercial floor. The difference is what is considered normal or standard floor prep and what is not. Most commercial flooring installation companies will factor one ten pound bag of fill or feather per 1,000 square feet. Any additional material and labor needed to achieve the proper floor trueness will be added to your final invoice. For us at American Platforms & Flooring, that is our process as well.

      Commercial Flooring Installation companies will produce a drawing or drawings that are called take-offs. These drawings will show the floor plan in a 2D drawing, with the number of rolls, tiles or sheets of the floor covering that is designated for that particular space. For example, if you have selected a recycled rolled rubber for installation, it will typically come in a 4 foot wide roll. The drawing will show a series of rolls on the plan to cover the space, with each showing 4 foot wide. If you have a 28 foot wide room, it would show 7 rolls of rubber at the required length. When this is done properly, a commercial flooring installation company can factor the proper roll lengths and quantity to avoid any more waste and trim than is absolutely necessary. This process will prevent your commercial flooring installation company from simply taking the square footage and adding the standard 15%.


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