Storage solutions have always been a sticking point with designers, facility operators, and fitness enthusiasts. Where and better yet, how do you keep all of the accessories organized and stored out of the way. Reducing or eliminating the clutter found on health club floors, studios, and other fitness facilities has been a challenge. Either the storage options are to big and bulky, which takes up too much valuable space, or they simply cost as much as a piece of equipment.

Storage solutions are getting smarter and easier to manage. Design, simplicity, shipping, and installation are now at your fingertips. fitGear Solutions' storage options are designed with the operator in mind. Storage solutions come in a flat pack design, where they can be delivered by parcel post rather than on the back of a large truck and pallet. They can be delivered through your front door and received by the reception desk, rather than a lift gate, pallet jack, and extra labor. Assembly is simple, with basic tools the storage solutions can be assembled and installed just as easily.

Flat Pack Design

We have spent as much or more on our flat pack design and packing as we have on the actual storage products. We have done this to make it much easier for our customers to order and receive their smart storage solutions.

Delivery is now simple. fitGear Storage Solutions are uniquely packaged in precision fitting packaging, minimizing the use of packing materials, reducing the potential for damage while shipping, and making it possible to deliver with your regular UPS or FEDEX driver.

No more LTL freight charges, lift-gate mix-ups, or additional labor needed to offload and unpack storage solutions.

Our design is helping us reduce our carbon footprint. We can do our share to reduce the climate impact of packaging including reducing materials, otherwise known as “source reduction”; we will replace virgin materials with post-consumer recycled content; we will replace traditional plastics made from fossil fuels with biopolymers; and we have redesigned our packaging to use materials more efficiently to cut down on the GHG emissions required for transport and storage.

Need help with your packaging practices to help reduce your climate impact. The folks at Climate Collaborative can help.

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